Justin Bieber - Die In Your Arms

"Stalker" Sarah träffar Justin

"With Justin < 3 Still my #1. A friend of mine came and picked me up in Simi Valley to go over to Hollywood because we heard Harry Styles might be back in town, then Justin sent an Instagram that he was out, so of course, bam we were over there haha!

There is no nicer celebrity to their fans than Justin Bieber. He is always in a great mood. I sat inside and watched him bowl for awhile, then when him and his friends came out there were about 20 of us outside. He took pictures with all of us, and then went in his van and started playing his new music! He opened the door and danced for us. Sounded amazing.

Everybody out there – don’t believe what you read in the tabloids. Nobody is more popular right now than Justin, and everybody wants a piece of him. Remember everybody, like Justin told me last time I saw him, could u imagine if there was all the social media there is now in Michael Jackson’s prime? Justin handles it so well.

By the way, the security team he has right now is awesome! Glad I had a chance to shake their hands tonight.

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Justin Bieber and Sarah Stalker pic mustache



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